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Job Title Paramedic
Location Ashland, MA
Department Operations
FLSA Status Non-Exempt


A Fallon Ambulance Service (FAS) Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic (EMT-P) must accept the challenge and high degree of responsibility entailed in this position. An FAS EMT-P provides pre-hospital emergency and inter-facility care to acutely ill or injured patients utilizing Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills. The FAS EMT-P works under the authorization of the Company’s affiliated hospital Medical Director. The requirements of this position include but are not limited to recognition, assessment, and management of all patient interactions while providing exemplary patient care. In this position, the FAS EMT-P will provide safe, time- bound transportation to the appropriate hospital or facility. The FAS EMTP must have excellent judgment and be able to prioritize decisions and act quickly in the best interest of the patient. The FAS EMT-P will communicate with licensed and ancillary medical professionals in verbal and written format. The duties of the position include: the provision of patient care within the scope of training for which the FAS EMT-P is employed, the completion of required documentation, the inspection of equipment required for safe patient movement, the performance of general vehicle maintenance, and the operation of a company vehicle during all hours of the day in often challenging traffic conditions throughout New England.


Must be 18 years of age

Valid driver’s license from state of residence
Current MA Paramedic Certification
Current Healthcare Provider CPR Certification
Current ACLS Certification


  1. Visual acuity meeting the vision requirements as set by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, even if licensed outside the state of Massachusetts.
  2. Hearing.
  3. Ability to read, write, and communicate in English.
  4. Memory (Long & Short Term).
  5. Ability to work with others.
  6. Ability to handle stress.
  7. Ability to problem-solve.


  1. A certified/validated copy of the candidate’s driving record, obtained from the Registry of Motor Vehicles from the state in which the license was issued, needs to be submitted to FAS Human Resources.
    1. The driving record must be dated within the 4-week period prior to the scheduled interview with Human
  2. As a condition of employment, the candidate will be required to successfully pass the following tests administered by Fallon’s medical providers, prior to the start of employment:
    1. Physical exam.
    2. Visual screening exam meeting the vision requirements as set by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, even if licensed outside the state of Massachusetts.
    3. Drug screening test.
    4. Physical agility test.

PHYSICAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Based on 8 - 24 hour shift

  • Frequently lifting with two hands up to 125-pounds.
  • Frequently bending, squatting or kneeling, standing or walking.
  • Frequently carrying up to 35-pounds.
  • Wear protective equipment including respirator and gloves.
  • Frequently pushing up to 250-pounds.
  • Continuously sitting for a minimum of 1-hour.
  • Frequently pulling up to 150-pounds.
  • Frequently bending, Squatting or kneeling.
  • Frequently reaching forward.
  • Frequently stepping up and down.
  • Driving a company vehicle during daylight and nighttime hours in often challenging traffic conditions throughout New England.

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